Eye problems are all managed differently, depending on their severity. Some common issues can be resolved without any special treatment, while others require over-the-counter services and products. For vision problems, you will likely need vision correction, like eyeglasses. At Carpinteria Eye Care, serving Carpinteria, Monticello, and Summerland, CA, our optometrist provides eyeglasses, eye exams, and other services to keep your vision at its best.


Why Do I Need Eyeglasses?

Eyeglasses are used to correct vision problems, like nearsightedness and farsightedness, which affect your ability to see clearly. If you cannot see clearly, our optometrist will perform a comprehensive eye evaluation to determine if you need glasses and what your prescription is. We offer progressive and bifocal lenses, which improve how sharply and clearly you view objects from any distance. 

Upon visiting our eye care provider, an evaluation is done for an analysis of your eye health. If necessary, we will help you decide between glasses and contact lenses based on your lifestyle. Eyeglasses are suitable for people suffering from nearsightedness, farsightedness, presbyopia, and astigmatism. 

If you require eyeglasses, our team will fit you for frames and get suitable lenses for your specific condition. These will help you see blurry objects more clearly, whether near or far, and correct distorted vision as well. As you age, your vision health deteriorates, and your eyes aren’t able to focus on closeup objects. This condition is also corrected using glasses.

How Eyeglasses Help

Eyes are an important part of the body, and eye care is integral for general health and overall wellness. Eye problems can cause vision loss if left unmanaged for long periods of time, so it's crucial to identify and treat eye diseases early enough to avoid damage in the future. Leaving refractive errors untreated can cause permanent damage to your vision. Straining the eyes to see is not only uncomfortable, but can make your vision worse. Eyeglasses help in focusing light on the retina for accurate vision correction.

Our Eyeglasses

When choosing eyeglasses, our optical team will help you find the perfect pair. There are many lenses to choose from, including blue light blocking lenses, multifocal lenses, and more. Additionally, we will help you find frames that match your style. We provide a variety of designer frames in different styles, shapes, and colors. Our team will fit you for glasses so they rest comfortably on your face.

Schedule an Appointment with Our Optometrist Today for Eyeglasses

If you are experiencing vision issues, we can help. At Carpinteria Eye Care, serving Carpinteria, Summerland, and Monticello, CA, our optometrist and optical team will help you find the right eyeglasses for your condition and lifestyle. We are happy to answer any questions you have. Call us today to schedule an appointment.


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